About Teramount

We create novel optical fiber connectivity for ultra-high bandwidth applications

Teramount changes the world of optical connectivity by offering a novel solution, the patented Universal Photonic Coupler, for connecting optics to silicon.

Teramount’s Universal Photonic Coupler utilizes standard semiconductor manufacturing processes and packaging flow in silicon photonics, enabling any fabless semiconductor company to expand into silicon photonics while working with traditional foundries and OSATs.

Most existing solutions for silicon photonics packaging are limited to a low number of fibers and to specialized packaging equipment such as active alignment processes. Teramount’s Wafer-level Self-aligning Optics offer large assembly tolerances optimized for assembling a large number of fibers through passive alignment protocols, enabling high-volume packaging through standard CMOS assembly lines, thus significantly improving manufacturing speeds and lowering overall cost.

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Our leadership

Our team has a proven industry track record, from business development and product design to expertise in high-volume manufacturing.

Hesham Taha, PhD

CEO and Co-Founder

Avi Israel, PhD

CTO and Co-Founder

David (Dadi) Perlmutter

Chairman of the Board

Raanan Gewirtzman

Strategy and Business Development Advisor

Ilya Vatsel

Ilya Vatsel

VP Operations

Amit Miron

VP Product Management

Teramount offers a groundbreaking solution for connecting optics to silicon to meet the increasing demands of the data-driven world.