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Teramount unveils TeraVERSE: The only HVM-ready detachable fiber connectivity solution for CPO

TeraVERSE bonds the semiconductor and optical worlds seamlessly and utilizes wafer-level optical elements integrated into the customer’s Silicon...

19 September, 2023

| Teramount Ltd.

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Teramount, the leader in scalable fiber connectivity to chips, announced today that it is collaborating with GlobalFoundries (GF) to address the challenge of connecting fibers...

26 March, 2024

| Teramount Ltd.

Hesham Taha recently returned from a trip to the US to meet with leading vendors and players serving the silicon photonics industry...

26 March, 2024

| www.gazettabyte.com

Processors continue to scale their performance with each new generation. This rapid advancement necessitates a corresponding increase in the rate of traffic to and from...

21 March, 2024

| Teramount Ltd.

In the contemporary digital landscape, where artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are no longer just buzzwords but essential components of our daily lives...

5 March, 2024


We are honored and excited to have TeraVERSE, our detachable fiber connector for CPO, selected by Lightwave Innovation...

28 February, 2024

| Teramount Ltd.

The relentless pursuit of higher data throughput and efficiency in the digital age has brought the limitations of traditional data transmission technologies into sharp relief...

25 February, 2024

| By David Thompson

Teramount features its innovative detachable fiber connector to chip, supporting an industry-first 32+ SM/PM mix of fibers at...

21 December, 2023

| Teramount Ltd.

Teramount Ltd. and ASMPT AMICRA GmbH are collaborating to address the challenge of connecting fibers to silicon photonic...

26 September, 2023

| Teramount Ltd.

Abstract: To overcome the bandwidth constraints of copper interconnects and pluggable optics in next-generation data centers, particularly for...

18 September, 2023

| Teramount Ltd.

Teramount and Tower Semiconductor have recently announced their collaboration on integrating Teramount’s state-of-the-art self-aligning optics solution into Tower’s...

6 March, 2023

| GlobeNewswire

Teramount Ltd. and I-PEX Inc. are collaborating to advance SiPh CPO optical detachable connectivity for data centers and...

2 March, 2023

| Business Wire

Read Roy Rubenstein’s blog and interview with Hesham Taha, our CEO, describing Teramount’s technology and advancements so far,...

26 February, 2023

| Gazettabyte

Teramount: An optical connectivity chip for high-speed data transfer in datacenters Datacenters are constantly battling bottlenecks. Although chips...

3 August, 2022

| The Marker, Sagi Cohen

Check out our recent publication in Chip Scale Review where you can learn about Teramount’s groundbreaking Photonic Bump technology. The...

7 June, 2022

| Teramount

Read Michael Eisenstein’s piece about Teramount’s exciting technology and how it relates to fabrication trends in light of...

6 June, 2022

| Photonics Spectra - Jun 2022

Teramount demoes its Photonic-Plug fiber assembly solution with unprecedented tolerance and insertion loss performance.

10 March, 2022

| Teramount

ST. FLORIAN, Austria and JERUSALEM, March 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — EV Group (EVG), a leading supplier of wafer...

2 March, 2022

| Teramount; EV Group

Data Centers, dedicated spaces used to house computer systems and related components, have become crucial for IT infrastructure...

21 February, 2022

| Lior Handelsman and Renana Ashkenazi, Medium.com

A small Israeli start-up focusing on fiber-to-silicon connectivity solutions for ultra–high bandwidth applications has raised $8 million that...

17 March, 2021

| John Walko, eetasia.com

Jerusalem-based Teramount, a provider of connectivity solutions for ultra-high bandwidth applications, announced on Tuesday that it had completed...

16 March, 2021

| James Spiro, calcalistech.com

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