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One of The Marker’s 20 most promising Israeli start-ups in 2022

Teramount was featured in The Marker (a highly esteemed Hebrew-language business newspaper) as one of Israel’s most promising start-ups in 2022!
3 August, 2022

The Marker, Sagi Cohen


An optical connectivity chip for high-speed data transfer in datacenters

Datacenters are constantly battling bottlenecks. Although chips are getting faster and more advanced, it is data communication – the transfer of data between the different chips – that isn’t fast enough. Current copper-based technology limits data transfer speed and requires high energy consumption, preventing data-hungry applications, such as cloud computing and artificial intelligence, to realize their full potential.

Teramount operates in a highly promising field knows as Silicon Photonics (optical chips), that has sparked the interest of most semiconductor giants. Teramount’s technology enables light-speed data transfer using optical fibres instead of copper wires.

Although fiber optics are widely used in the telecom world and internet connectivity, applying them to chip-to-chip communication is still a challenge, one that Teramount has set out to solve. “Cloud companies want to scale up and speed up data transfer in datacenters. The transition to silicon photonics will enable the sought-after increase in transfer speeds, while decreasing energy consumption,” explains Dr. Hesham Taha, Teramount’s co-founder and CEO.


Sagi Cohen
The Marker, August 3, 2022


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