The only solution for scalable fiber connectivity to photonic chips

Way ahead of the curve

There is an ever-growing demand for high-speed data transfer in datacom and telecom applications.
Optical connectivity is the ultimate solution for high-speed data transfer. Without it, the existing copper-based interconnect technologies will reach their performance limit.

data centers

Silicon photonics
Transceivers and Switches

Advanced computing

Chip-to-chip optical


silicon photonics connectivity for automotive, indsutrial and medical sensors


telecom applications

The I/O bottleneck

Data transfer is limited by copper I/Os

The connection between optics and silicon is not reliable enough. Not yet.

We know how to change this.

Introducing Teramount’s Universal Photonic Coupler

We developed a technology to bring the worlds of optics and semiconductors together. We can achieve 100X better tolerance when connecting a large number of optical fibers with a silicon chip compared to existing methods.

Our Technology

Seamlessly connect optics to silicon


Utilizes Teramount patented “self-aligning optics” for 100 times better tolerances for connecting single-mode fibers to silicon chips compared to existing coupling techniques.


Allows assembly of high fiber count for co-packaged optics and multi-fiber connectivity applications.

Manufacturing scalability

Aligns photonics with the mature semiconductor manufacturing and packaging lines for photonics mass production.


Incorporates wafer-level optical elements (Photonic-Bump) for significantly increased reliability and high-yield silicon photonics manufacturing and packaging.
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Our Products

The Universal Photonic Coupler

Our Universal Photonic Coupler connects single-mode and polarization-maintaining fibers to silicon photonics chips.
It enables connectivity of a large number of fibers in co-packaged optics, transceivers, sensors and more for AI/ML, switches and other advanced computing applications.
Photonics can be seamlessly integrated with electronics and our customers can benefit from high volume manufacturing of high-bandwidth and low power products.

Photonics can be seamlessly integrated with electronics and our customers can enjoy from high bandwidth and low power consumption.

We are ready to make it happen.

Our Products


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