The only solution for scalable fiber connectivity to photonic chips

Ahead of the curve

There is an ever-growing demand for high-speed data transfer in datacom and telecom applications.
Optical connectivity is the ultimate solution for high-speed data transfer. Without it, the existing copper-based interconnect technologies are quickly reaching their performance limit.

data centers

Silicon photonics
Transceivers and Switches

Advanced computing

Chip-to-chip optical


silicon photonics connectivity for automotive, indsutrial and medical sensors


telecom applications

The I/O bottleneck

Data transfer is limited by copper I/Os

The connection between optics and silicon is not reliable enough. Not yet.

We know how to change this.

Introducing Teramount’s Photonic-Plug

We developed a technology to bring the worlds of optics and semiconductors together. We can achieve 100X better tolerance when connecting a large number of optical fibers with a silicon chip compared to existing methods.

Our Technology

Seamlessly connects optics to chips.


Utilizes Teramount patented “self-aligning optics” for 100 times better tolerances for connecting fibers to silicon chips compared to existing coupling techniques.


Enables assembly of high fiber count for co-packaged optics and multi-fiber connectivity applications

Manufacturing scalability

Aligns photonics with the mature semiconductor manufacturing and packaging lines for photonics mass-production


Incorporates wafer-level optical elements (Photonic-Bump) for significantly increased reliability and high-yield silicon photonics manufacturing and packaging
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Our Products

The Photonic-Plug

Our Photonic-Plug connects single-mode (SM) and polarization-maintaining (PM) fibers to silicon photonic chips.
It enables a large number of fiber connectivity in transceivers, sensors and co-packaged optics for switches and advanced computing.

Photonics can now be seamlessly integrated with electronics and our customers can benefit from high volume manufacturing of high-bandwidth and low-power products.

We are ready to make it happen.

Our Products


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