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Introducing TeraVERSE-XD, extreme density detachable fiber connector for CPO with 64µm fiber pitch!

127µm fiber pitch not enough for your PIC? How about 64µm?
21 March, 2024

Teramount Ltd.

Processors continue to scale their performance with each new generation. This rapid advancement necessitates a corresponding increase in the rate of traffic to and from the processors while maintaining low power consumption and low latency. Co-packaged Optics (CPO), which enables high-speed optical connectivity through fibers assembled in close proximity to such processors, is the ideal solution for high-speed data transfer. However, the physical dimensions of fibers and existing fiber packaging solutions create a mismatch between the processor’s bandwidth density and the fiber density of their surrounding Photonics ICs (PICs).

To bridge this gap and maintain bandwidth scalability with high shoreline fiber density, a novel fiber packaging approach is required. We are excited to introduce TeraVERSE-XD detachable fiber connector, which represents the next step in increasing fiber count and density. TeraVERSE-XD features a Double-decker configuration that supports an unprecedented fiber pitch of 64µm, which enables customers to:

  • Double the number of fibers in a PIC
  • Double the fiber density of the PIC
  • Maintain the same PIC footprint
  • Maintain a thin form factor

The Double-decker configuration is achieved thanks to Teramount’s packaging technology, which utilizes innovative wafer-level fabrication processes with a high level of control over structuring and accurate placement of 3D optical and mechanical structures. Besides high positioning accuracy, wafer-level processes are critical for manufacturing scalability and cost reduction. In addition, TeraVERSE’s fiber connector geometry with its planar separation from the PIC surface, allows for a flexible addition of a second layer of fibers with a negligible impact on the connector’s thickness. This is a clear advantage compared to existing approaches that use side-coupling or surface-coupling with vertical fiber geometries.

TeraVERSE incorporates a unique wideband surface-coupling design, which overcomes side-coupling geometry limitations and still maintains high bandwidth capacity at a slim connector form factor. Such a slim connector does not require extensive cutouts in the CPO package’s cooling elements, which allows for effective thermal management across the entire package.

With the Double-decker configuration in our detachable TeraVERSE-XD, you can connect 64+ SM/PM mix of 125µm cladded-fibers in a staggered configuration to a 7mm-wide PIC, or over 3000 fibers to a 100*100mm2 Multi-Chip Module (MCM) CPO package.

Double-decker configuration of the TeraVERSE-XD’s Photonic-Plug with a staggered fiber alignment


TeraVERSE-XD’s Double-decker configuration and its detachability make it the ideal solution for CPO connectivity with high scalability for generations to come. This ensures that your chip’s fiber data interface capacity keeps abreast of demand.

Read more about our technology Here.

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